There has never been a board like Hill Glider before, so of course you have questions! We never claimed to have all the answers, but here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

What if I've never snowboarded or surfed?

Hill Gliding is actually easy to get, most new riders have the hang of things in just a couple tries. If you can walk and look at your smart phone chances are you’ll be an expert glider in no time!

Why not Long Board?

Long boarding is fun and exciting, but if things go wrong it can be a very painful experience. Hill glider gets you off the busy streets and into the environment from which we came… Nature! If you do take a spill on a Hill Glider the experience will be completely different than if you were on the street. Chances are you’ll get back up with all your teeth and skin intact. Sure grass stains suck, but skin graphs suck more. And with Hill glider, you can carve a slope in so many different ways, which means you won’t get stuck in a rut of riding the exact same path every time.

What's a toboggan hill?

If you’re asking this question, chances are you’ve never seen snow. A toboggan is a sled for going down snowy hills. These hills are graded, usually mowed, and soft and curving which happen to be the perfect places to glide. But it’s doesn’t have to be an official toboggan hill, it just needs enough angle and length to enable you to get your glide on.

Can my Mom Glide too?

Of course, she brought you into this world, she can do just about anything! You’re most likely scared that she’s going to outglide you and make you the laughing stock of all your friends. Never question your mom’s ability!

Can my foot get stuck in the wheel?

It’s not happened yet, though in the beginning we were concerned. However, after thousands of hours testing and retesting, we have never seen anyone who put their foot into the wheel spokes or had a pant leg get stuck.

Will Hill Gliding make me more attractive?

We could never say that…. but it will make you more attractive. People are attracted to early adopters, and showing off your physical prowess will always impress potential mates. A summer of gliding will get you into great shape – so quit your online dating subscription and get a Glider!

How fast can it go?

Hill Gliders can go as fast as the hill allows, the bigger the hill, the sharper the slope and the longer the run out will allow you to get unimaginable speeds. We have clocked 35km and more on what we consider a green/blue run.

Should I wear protective gear?

We always recommend a helmet and knee pads are a healthy precaution. Feeling safe will make you take bigger risks and take your gliding to that next level!

What does the brake do?

Hold on, this is going to blow your freaking mind…the brake is used to brake, or slow your descent to a comfortable level. Most thrill seeking gliders say they don’t need the brake, but once they go to the advanced and expert level, they appreciate the brake and realize it’s essential.

I don't like walking or hiking will I like Hill Gliding?

Chances are if you’re not an active person and would rather watch life pass you by critiquing from the sidelines, you’re not going to like Hill Gliding. It’s a physical activity that requires more involvement than your lip flaps and eye movement…

Can I glide into the sunset and live a story book life?

No you can’t glide into the sunset, it’s an illusion, it’s actually not touching the earth even though it really looks like it is. Like chasing the rainbow looking for a pot of gold, it’s a fruitless endeavor. You’d be better off hunting the elusive bigfoot, or camping out near Area 51 waiting for our overlords to appear.

But please don’t ever lose your dreams…It’s what got the Hill Glider out of the shed and into your hands, so dream on you freaky geek!

How long will it take to arrive?

Depending on delivery method and where you live, your board will take roughly four weeks from date of purchase plus delivery. This is our very first season, so please bear with us during our maiden voyage.

What if I need repairs or spare parts?

We’ll have our online store ready in a couple weeks where you can get everything you need. Check out our accessories page.

What if I get hurt?

Hill glider is a physical sporting activity, it does come with risk. This is why we incorporated the brake so you have control on your ride down the hill. If you’re unsure of your ability, you should wear a helmet and any additional safety equipment you feel is appropriate. Remember to call out to potential collisions so other people on the hills are aware of your presence.

Do you have a payment plan?

Right now we are looking at a number of options for a multi-payment solution. Bear with us during our first season. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be notified of any payment program we make available.