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I  N  L  I  N  E   W  H  E  E  L  S

Every board comes with three inline wheels, two in the front to help you not lose momentum when pitching forward, and one rear wheel for carving. Our inlines come equipped with two Abec bearings and a lightweight central axle.

K  N  O  B  B  Y   T  I  R  E  S

Our tires are custom built with extra wide aluminum rims providing a stable footing and excellent traction. With two cartridge bearings, you are ensured the smoothest glide possible. The rubber knobs on our tires utilize a 180 degree of response angle giving you more surface area when side gliding a hill. Because of the large surface area on each wheel, your gliding won’t tear up the grass – so you leave the hill as pristine as you found it!

9 Ply 100% Canadian Rock Maple

Our decks are made by the best in the industry using 9 layers of 100% Canadian rock maple – the best material in the world for a durable low flex deck. Utilizing a duo of perpendicular cambers, our decks can hold riders up to 240 pounds in weight and still provide the necessary rigidity.