Congratulations on your new Hill Glider!!

Follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time

Remove from box and cut zip ties that hold main wheel.
Grab the wheel between the main brackets and pull upwards.

Throw away plastic tube and additional cardboard.
*Careful not to throw away the quick release!
Unscrew quick release small end!

Fit quick release through tire.

*keep one spring on each end, small portion of spring faces towards the wheel, larger side goes towards ends of quick release.

Lay break cable straight out from back of board to remove all bends.

*this will allow the break pads to open enough to fit wheel.

Squeeze the rubber of the tire to get the back of the tire between the brake pads.

Squeeze the rubber of the tire to get the front of the tire through the deck.

Place one side of the main wheel axle into the bracket.

Place thumbs on the main axle and with fingers pry the other side bracket to allow the axle to fit into slot.

Tighten quick release until tightly fit into a height adjustment holder.

*the top hole is for beginners, middle hole for normal riding, and top hole for experts.

**Bottom hole makes the board roll faster and greater carving capabilities and longer kick turns!

Tighten quick release until tightly and close leaver. It should be very tight!!

Turn the air value extender to face 90 degree from the wheel and remove protective cap.

Pump up the tire to 20psi.

**Over 20psi is great for pro riders, not for learning.

Replace valve extender cap and rotate to be inline with wheel.

Squeeze the brake lever to stretch cable.

*This loosens the brake pads to allow the main wheel to rotate freely.

Give the board a good long hug!

*Transmit as much positive energy into your deck, give it a unique name that you alone will use when speaking with your board. The more mantra and positive Karma you inject into your Hill Glider the more responsive it will be to your personal touch!!