The Hill Glider Mission  about_us_4

We believe in making the best designed and built Hill Gliding boards to empower riders around the world. Our Boards have been rigorously tested and improved upon to get to the quality of product we now offer. Every board is quality checked to ensure ease of use, freedom of movement and to ensure beauty of appearance. Hill gliding is an awesome new experience that supports a healthy lifestyle for you and your friends. Turn local hills into your personal surfing playground.

The History  about_us_2

The Hill Glider is the invention of Billy Sullivan, a long time thrill-seeking Canadian working with Mike Sorokowsky – two down-to-earth friends with the passion for anything exhilarating and playful. The first boards were hand carved and crafted in a small wood shed built in the late 1800’s. Over time we developed a series of prototypes, improving on the ability to carve, and reducing the weight. Our boards are still produced locally but production has moved from the humble beginnings of a work shed to modern production facilities.

Sustainability  about_us_3

Hill Gliding is great for the soul, but more importantly it provides a healthy physical activity that also strengthens the rider’s stamina. Our boards have no gas or electric motors, no batteries or smelly fuel, only gravity is necessary to glide. Our boards descend the hill rolling over the terrain so when you leave the slope, you leave it exactly as when you started. Our decks are made of only the finest Canadian maple and use little to no chemicals in our manufacturing process.

Our Team  about_us_1

We are a company made up of friends and colleagues. We support each other by combining our individual strengths and a “we’re all in this together” mentality. Located in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa we operate from multiple locations which reduce operating cost and help us deliver our product at an affordable rate. We have our best creative ideas when we feel most free to explore the possibilities. Our boards are made by some of the best people you’ve ever met, and their attention to detail is second to none – this allows us to deliver the best product possible.


Our offices are located at

1750 Courtwood Cres., Suite 308 Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5 Canada Phone: 1 (343) 777-7969 Sales :

Office Hours : Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm


As a rider-driven company, we want to talk to you! Call or E-mail us for gear advice, questions about your order, warranty concerns, or if you just want to talk with a fellow thrill seeker.

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