O’Natural Series!
Hill Glider Grass Snowboard

Product Specifications

  •   11″ x 38″ 9-ply Canadian Maple Deck
  •  84mm Inline Wheels
  •   12″ Aluminum Central Wheel
  •   Cartridge Bearings
  •   Quick Release
  •   Weight: 8lb
  •   Abec 15 Inline Bearings
  •   180 degree traction knobby tires
  •   Extra Thick Brake Pads
  •   All-Weather Aluminum Brackets
  •   Three levels of ride: novice/intermediate/pro
  •   Die Cast Caliper Brake
  •   Soft Rubber All-Weather Hand Grip

Product Details

Our O’Natural line of boards offers customers a chance to glide on a budget. Our boards are made from 100% Canadian maple with only the highest quality hardware components.

Our O’Natural series is made to last, with top quality aluminum brackets that reduce weight while giving superior strength, and won’t be compromised by the environment over time due to rust. Only the best inline wheels are used. Our center wheels are custom made and built to withstand punishment, and with the quick release, you can easily change your deck level from beginner to pro without any tools. Our brakes are an industry standard that give you control of your descent. You’ll feel in control when taking your gliding to the next level.

Our first run of available decks will be delivered within four weeks of purchase. As we grow, and orders increase, we hope to reduce that wait period to a matter of days, so order yours now and within a month you’ll be waxing on your local slopes!

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